How to Field Harvard Questions at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

At the Thanksgiving table, you have to watch out for those probing questions as well as that stuffing.

Your Thanksgiving Meal, Harvard Square Style

If you’re feeling antisocial and don’t want to go to the HUDS Thanksgiving dinner, or just want a small celebration with your close friends, here’s how you can make your own Thanksgiving feast from your favorite Square retailers.

Thanksgiving Dinner on Campus

Students on campus for Thanksgiving break gather for a Thanksgiving dinner Thursday night in Quincy dining hall, the only dining hall open that day. The dinner prepared by HUDS featured turkey, ham, cranberry stuffing, and other traditional Thanksgiving food.

Thanksgiving Pie

Students enjoy the assortment of pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies in Quincy dining hall on Thanksgiving. HUDS prepared a classic Thanksgiving meal for students on campus during the holiday.

Instagram #flybythanksgiving

When you post your perfect photos on Instagram, include the hashtag #flybythanksgiving so we can show off your aesthetically pleasing break to the rest of Harvard when we all return.

Harvard's Favorite Turkey

You wake with the sun, in a fowl mood. The ground is rough beneath your bony feet, and you taste the regret of your previous night in bilious waves rippling up your gullet.

For Students on Campus, Thanksgiving Brings Rest, Feasting

Surrounded by the golden tones of Adams House and the din of conversation, students found a warm, comfortable atmosphere for Thanksgiving dinner on campus. Others hit the books.

Thanksgiving at Harvard

Harvard students staying on campus for Thanksgiving enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving feast prepared by Harvard University Dining Services staff.

Hey Professor! Science and Cooking: Thanksgiving Edition

With Thanksgiving around the corner, FM sat down with Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ Michael P. Brenner and David A. Weitz, who teach SPU 27: Science and Cooking, for advice on how to cook the perfect Thanksgiving dinner at the molecular level.

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