Undergraduate Council

UC Zoom Meeting

Due to the university's transition to remote learning, the Undergraduate Council hosted a virtual Zoom emergency meeting, open to the public, regarding endorsements of grading policies to the university administration.

In Reversal, Harvard’s Undergraduate Council Endorses Universal Pass System

Harvard’s Undergraduate Council tentatively voted to endorse an universal pass grading model in response to changes prompted by the COVID-19 crisis, after reversing its position on a “Double A” grading model at a rollicking emergency session over Zoom Wednesday night.

Harvard Undergraduate Council President and Vice President Advocate for ‘Double A’ Grading Model

Undergraduate Council President James A. Mathew ’21 and Vice President Ifeoma “Ify” E. White-Thorpe ’21 advocated for a “Double A” grading model due to impacts stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak in an email to students Sunday.

Undergraduate Council Votes to Endorse a Statement Condemning HUPD

The Undergraduate Council endorsed a statement condemning the actions of Harvard police during their arrest of a man at the Smith Campus Center last Thursday.

Undergraduate Council Discusses Changes to Student Organization Funding Under Executive Session

The Harvard Undergraduate Council discussed funding options for student organizations under executive session — a private, off-the-record session of the Council, whose meetings are normally open to the public — at Sunday’s meeting.

UC Midterm Ballot Issues

The Undergraduate Council met about ballot issues that they have encountered with their recent midterm elections.

37 Candidates Are Running for Harvard's Undergraduate Council. Two of Them Don't Want to Be.

After more than three dozen undergraduates announced this week that they would vie for the 16 open spots on Harvard’s Undergraduate Council, two candidates say they have been entered into the race unwittingly and unwillingly.

37 Students Declare Candidacies for UC Midterm Elections

Thirty-seven students have declared their candidacies for 16 available seats on Harvard’s Undergraduate Council, according to UC Election Committee Chair Perry M. Arrasmith ’20.

Harvard Undergraduate Council Votes to Expand Caucus System Power

Harvard’s Undergraduate Council unanimously approved legislation expanding the reach and power of the body’s caucus system, which attempts to strengthen the UC’s connections with affinity groups on campus.

Undergraduate Council Votes to Fund ‘Meet the Black Caucus’ Event at First Meeting

Harvard’s Undergraduate Council voted to fund an event to promote student engagement with the Council’s Black Caucus in its first general meeting of the semester Sunday.

Amid Scheduling Confusion, Undergraduate Council to Hold First General Meeting Sunday

Harvard’s Undergraduate Council is scheduled to hold its first general meeting of the semester on Sunday, Feb. 9 —  later into the spring semester than in the past few years.

Mathew and White-Thorpe Inaugurated as UC President, VP

James A. Mathew ’21 and Ifeoma “Ify” E. White-Thorpe ’21 were inaugurated as the new president and vice president of Harvard’s UC Monday night.

UC Funds Printing and Laundry Stipends for Some SEF-Eligible Students

The UC voted to allocate $10,000 to fund printing and laundry for Student Events Fund-eligible students and another $10,000 to fund Wintersession grants at its general meeting Sunday.

Mathew and White-Thorpe Win UC Presidential Election

James A. Mathew ’21 and Ifeoma E. White-Thorpe ’21 will lead the next session of the Undergraduate Council as president and vice president, respectively, the UC Election Commission announced Thursday night.

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