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The End of Art

A work of art can be produced by anyone without technical skill, appreciation of art, or desire for coherence.


The Joke's On Us

We are Godot. That is, if we Americans still believe President Barack H. Obama’s promising words, then we have been waiting for guests as hard to find as Samuel Beckett’s eponymous character—ourselves.


Stemming from Confusion

President Obama, by opposing cloning yet supporting destruction of embryos in and outside the lab, invites the American public to deepen their inconsistency in the pre-birth ethical arena.


Prefrosh at Heart

We are no wiser than prefrosh


The End of History Redux

The end of history is almost here.


Veritas: Now Subject to Committee Approval!

While the administration has good reason to be wary of students taking on excessive course loads, students who desire to study two subjects and who are prepared to handle the work should be allowed to do so.


A Religious Awakening

The College should internalize its motto and realize that the examination of religious matters is an undeniable aspect of student life here at Harvard that deserves to be accommodated.

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Centering the Health-Care Debate

Correcting health care should not be construed primarily as a matter of dollars and cents, but seen as a referendum, in essence, on public morality.


Religious Discussion Desired

“Challenges to Faith at Harvard,”a panel discussion moderated by the Harvard Political Union last night, examined the social and intellectual ...