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Dunster House

Dunster House was built in 1930, and has the history (and housing) to match. Sure the nine minute walk from Dunster to the Yard isn't exactly ideal and the housing is at best subpar, but Dunster makes up for its flaws with fantastic House spirit and a dining hall that serves the best you can expect from HUDS. And if you're the type of person that values looks, Dunster House with its iconic red dome is one of the most beautiful buildings at Harvard.

Harvard Students Crowd into D.C. for Inauguration

Harvard students descended on the nation’s capital this past weekend for the second inauguration of President Barack Obama, braving freezing temperatures for the swearing-in ceremony, waiting in lines that wrapped around city corners for the inaugural balls, and pushing through thousands of people to witness the inaugural parade.

University Leaders To Meet With Student Advocates About Divestment

University leaders will sit down with student advocates of fossil fuel divestment and explore the possibility of creating a social choice fund, senior University officials told The Crimson this week.

The Harvard Delegation Swells in Ranks

The existence of a Harvard delegation gives the University a special inroad into Capitol Hill, allowing its lobbyists to appeal to a small group of legislators not just as politicians, but as Harvard alumni.

Shit TFs Write.

Check marks are great, grades at the top of the page are often necessary, and sometimes corrections are required. But every time a TF lets a little personality shine through in her feedback, we get some insight into her mind, and that TF-student bond—in our minds, at least—changes dramatically. Sometimes these personal notes fan the flames of our TF appreciation, and sometimes they just give us even more reason to fantasize about marking up their papers with red pen for once. Here, FM rounds up some of the best of TF commentary.

Your Ideal Harvard Sex Spot

Everyone who has ever taken a Harvard tour knows that what we’ll call an "after hours visit" to the Widener stacks is one of the three things you are supposed to do in college. But why stop there? From the Belltower of Pfoho to the labyrinths of Mather, there are tons of escapades waiting for you (and a partner). When you’re ready for the big leagues, take this quiz to determine your next Harvard sex spot.

Spencer Inaugurated as Bates President

A. Clayton Spencer, a former Harvard vice president for policy, was inaugurated as the eighth President of Bates College Friday afternoon. The audience included familiar Harvard faces, such as University President Drew G. Faust.

Harvard's Negative Return Part of Broader Trend, Experts Say

A negative return on an investment is likely to cause anxiety for investors concerned about the long-term viability of their assets. For this reason, Harvard’s announcement of a negative 0.05 return on its investments attracted media attention across the globe.