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Teaching Without Tenure: The Lecturer's Role in a Harvard Education

The document states that 61 percent of enrollments across FAS were taught by ladder faculty in 2008. Non-ladder faculty—which the report defines as lecturers, preceptors, and professors of the practice—taught 29 percent of enrollments, while the remaining 10 percent were taught by visiting faculty, professors emeriti, and professors from other Harvard schools.

Pinker, Conley, Sterritt Read 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie'

Professors Steven Pinker and Tom C. Conley and Dean D. E. Lorraine Sterritt read 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie' by Laura Numeroff.

Economics Nobel Laureate Eric Maskin Returning to Harvard

After spending the last 10 years teaching and conducting research at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., economics professor and Nobel laureate Eric S. Maskin ’72 will return to Harvard in the spring.

Knocking on the Ivory Tower WGS Seeks a Department

Twenty-five years after the founding of the Committee on Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Committee members say the next step for WGS at Harvard is to become a full-fledged department.

FAS Increases Faculty Searches

Faculty searches in a number of Social Sciences departments are increasing, allowing the departments to hire junior faculty and fill positions vacated by retiring faculty members.

WGS Fosters Community

As one of the College’s smallest concentrations approaches its 25th anniversary, the concentration still finds itself battling misconceptions about its nature.

Skocpol Peels Away Tea Party Stereotypes in New Book

Skocpol and Williamson traveled across the country conducting interviews, attending public rallies, and sitting in on private Tea Party meetings to peel back stereotypes associated with the movement.

Violence Decreasing, Pinker Says

Pinker's latest book, argues that the last few decades have been the most peaceful in human history and examines this development from a psychological perspective.