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"Godot" Arrives in Boston

Directed by Judy Hegarty Lovett, the Gare St Lazare players’ 60th anniversary production of “Waiting for Godot,” which played through Sunday at the ArtsEmerson Paramount Center mainstage, met the audience like an old friend. Given the unyielding notoriety of the playwright Samuel Beckett in not allowing any changes to the mise-en-scène of the play, the Gare St Lazare Players were as precise as a clock whose methodical unwinding of the absurdist masterpiece greatly contrasts with the contents of the play.



Hacking Arts features talks on emerging software related to art

On Campus

A Dilated Biography of Cuba and Its Artists

When a human being is born, how does his or her story develop? With a neat beginning and an end, does it follow the trajectory of a straight line? Cuban writer and artist Severo Sarduy offered one explanation: "[B]iography usually happens before birth and then expands (or dilates)."


Artist Spotlight: Kalup Linzy

Controversy and raunchy humor are recurring elements in the work of performance artist and musician Kalup Linzy, who is one of the fall 2013 visiting lecturers in the Visual and Environmental Studies Department.

On Campus

A Bauhaus Return to the Carpenter Center

Visual and environment studies faculty members Katarina Burin and Amie Siegel chanced upon a collection of old slides of the home of Walter Gropius, a Bauhaus architect who resided in Lincoln, MA. The slides were recently presented to an audience at the Carpenter Center as a timely return of Bauhaus to the building.


The Beauty of the Act

Director Leos Carax appeared at the Carpenter Center for the Harvard Film Archive's retrospective “Overdrive,” which took place during the last two weekends of February. Carax is notoriously averse to public appearances and speaking with press about his work, so it was a rare privilege to hear the director speak in depth about his work.

On Campus

A Brutal Celebration

A new exhibit entitled "Brute" aims to reexamine and reactivate the Carpenter Center, architect Le Corbusier's only North American building.

On Campus

This Weekend in Arts: 11/23 - 11/25

There are so many shows, performances, and galleries in and around Harvard Square that sometimes it's hard to know where to start—so the Arts board is here for you. We've compiled a list of interesting (and nearby) events happening this weekend for those of you staying at Harvard for Thanksgiving. Send tips to


'World of Wires' challenges audiences at the ICA

“World of Wires” is a haunting satire of society’s over-dependence on technology. Through his unconventional direction, Scheib examines the inherent artificiality of theater—the idea that in many productions, playwrights, and actors want to convince the audience that a choreographed, scripted piece of art is in fact real life.


'From Nothing' to New Film on Creativity

Documentarian Tim Cawley examines the creative process, and his film includes interviews with Harvard faculty and alumni.

On Campus

Students Art Show Gets A New Look

The 4th Annual Harvard Student Art Show will take place in a gallery on Mount Auburn Street this year.

Graduate School of Design

Speakers Question the Obsolescence of Libraries in Oxford-Style Debate

Debaters considered the longevity of libraries in an age of rapid digitalization at “Libraries Are Obsolete: An Oxford-Style Debate,” an event hosted by the Harvard Library Strategic Conversations on Wednesday.

Visual Arts

Portrait of an Artist: Todd Hido

Photographer Todd Hido discusses the inspiration behind the landscapes in his work.


Nuestra Señora de las Nubes

"Nuestra Señora de Las Nubes" comes to the Adams Pool this Thursday.


Bear in Heaven Descends to Earth on Tedious Latest

The ambient and droning synths seem to simply cover up for the lack of catchy melodies.