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Hamed '14 Selected for Prestigious Thiel Fellowship

A computer science concentrator and iLab regular, Zachary Hamed ’14 was selected as one of 22 2013 Thiel Fellows. The fellowship awards $100,000 to 22 young people from the ages of 17-20 to continue entrepreneurship projects related to science and technology.

Astronomers Discover Exoplanets Covered by Oceans

Harvard astronomers have discovered two exoplanets in the recently found Kepler-62 planetary system that are covered in endless oceans of water, making them viable candidates for sustaining life.

Professors Call Ethics of Email Search Into Question

Just a day after news broke that Harvard administrators had secretly searched the email accounts of 16 resident deans, professors said the University may have overstepped its bound, calling its own policies into question.

Pforzheimer House

Every day between now and Housing Day, Flyby will release two new House rankings. The top two Houses will be revealed on Wednesday, March 13. Check back daily for updates! This year, Pfoho relinquishes its crown as the highest ranked House in the Quad and descends to number 8 in Flyby's Rankings. But fear not, freshmen—those placed into Pfoho will have little to lament. Instead, they will celebrate spacious bedrooms, a magnificent lawn, well-equipped facilities, consistent shuttle service, and a vibrant House community.

Faculty Meeting Focuses on Online Education and Gender Imbalance

A month after administrators announced to a packed University Hall that the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences would move to Allston, Tuesday’s Faculty Meeting was comparatively uneventful, with few attendees and fewer announcements.

Lue Named First Faculty Director of the Bok Center

Biology professor of practice Robert A. Lue was named the first Faculty Director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning Thursday, a sign of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ increased emphasis on innovative teaching, both in person and online.