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Dennis O. Ojogho

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We Gon’ Be Alright

The person who hears Kendrick’s words and walks away solely with a message that advocates violence against the police is terribly mistaken. This is a song about hope.

A New Deal for a Great Society

I have noticed that rags-to-riches stories are also sometimes invoked in an effort to make invalid the real, structural barriers to success that those who are disadvantaged in our society face every day.

A Lesson in Nonviolent Resistance

What we have seen at both Mizzou and Yale is what happens when a group of people are tired of being marginalized from the moment they set foot on campus.

A Nation of Immigrants

If we really want to address immigration in this country, let’s acknowledge one fact: Our immigration system is broken.

Disturbing the Peace for Justice in Baltimore

Until last week, quiet, nonviolent cries for change in Baltimore fell mostly on deaf ears.

A Police Officer’s Bullet, The People’s Ballot

It is we, the collective people, who have the power and responsibility to shape this nation into the nation we know it can, and should, be.

A Sacred Right Remains Threatened

We must remain vigilant in the face of dishonest laws that are disenfranchising our fellow citizens.

The Death Penalty: Justice in Peril

To sentence someone to death is to say that this individual no longer has the right to prove his or her innocence. For such a practice to have democratic legitimacy, the legal system must be able to determine guilt with absolute precision.