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Health Services Adjusts Protocols for Intoxicated Patients

University Health Services must now only deem students “clinically sober” to release them from after hours urgent care.

Stillman Closed, Health Services Will Open Renovated Space

Renovated facilities will take place of Stillman Infirmary's 10 overnight beds, which controversially closed in June.

UHS To Develop New Protocols After Closing Overnight Beds

After closing Stillman Infirmary and its 10 overnight observation beds, Harvard University Health Services may expand patient booking resources and mental health resources by 20 to 25 percent.

Amidst Heightened Flu Season, UHS Administers Thousands of Vaccines

In a flu season marked by above-average levels of illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths, Harvard University Health Services has administered almost 3,000 vaccinations to College students.

College Solicits Student Input on Stillman Closure

Dean of Student Life Stephen Lassonde has convened a group of students and House administrators to discuss the upcoming closure of Stillman Infirmary and work with Harvard University Health Services administrators on the change.