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Flyby's Guide to Harvard-Yale: The Pregame

We're still not quite sure what part of Harvard-Yale is better: the pregame or the after party. If you're a fan of the former, we've got you covered with some excellent ways to get your Harvard-Yale weekend going.


<p>For Harvard freshmen, some Houses are in the forefront of their imagination as Housing Day approaches. Dunster is brand new. Adams is so close. The Quad *starts sobbing and convulsing.* Mather, on the other hand, seems to slip the freshman class’ collective mind until Housing Day when a bunch of rowdy Matherites descend on their new class. If you’ve never considered Mather, Flyby is here to tell you why you should be thrilled about a House you’re just hearing about for the first time.</p>

Malan and Harvard Need Couple's Therapy

Apparently, there is trouble in paradise. But “trouble” is a trademark spat and “paradise” is the frozen wasteland of Cambridge. Specifically, David J. Malan ’55, the instructor of a certain popular class/form of torture, attempted to trademark “CS50” and “THIS IS CS50,” but Harvard had other plans.

Hemenway's Short Stories: Simon

The gym was crowded, like a bar in Pamplona during a Festival. College students talked by the front desk. Graduate students also talked by the front desk. College students and graduate students did not talk to each other.