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The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

In real life, women are not mysterious enigmas whose sole purpose is to change a man’s life. Women are very much so motivated by their personal beliefs, fears, desires, and ambitions.

The Bitcoin Bro

The tech industry prides itself on shaping the future of our society. But when bitcoin bros are in charge, what we end up with is a vision of a future where women are marginalized and subjugated.

Wife Material

These outdated standards of modesty that we tell women to conform to if they want to be seen as “wife material” are the exact same vehicles that drive rape culture.

Dreaming About Boys

Visual content in the world is overwhelming​ tailored for the viewing pleasure of straight men, making the rest of the world feel like our desires don’t matter or don’t even exist.

Rob Kardashian is Trash and So Are You

When it comes to violence against black women and sex workers such as Blac Chyna, we fall back onto tired old tropes of slut shaming and victim blaming.

What Instagram Taught Me About Feminism

The same men who argued with me and called me “man-hater” or “feminazi” on Facebook would like my photos on Instagram, write comments about how beautiful I looked, and direct message me to ask me out on dates.

Scared to Be a Feminist

It’s scary to be a feminist, and it’s scary to speak out about gender inequality—but only, apparently, if you’re a woman.

Check Your Privilege

Privilege has nothing to do with individuals, and everything to do with larger power systems and structures in society.

Beware the Male Feminist

Feminism does not need men.