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With Later Harvard-Yale Kickoff, Tailgates To Begin at 11 a.m.

​With the annual Harvard-Yale football game starting two hours later than in previous years, House Committees are preparing for a later-than-usual tailgate but expect restrictions and activities to remain the same.

Architects Update Plans For Winthrop Renewal Addition

Architects in charge of the upcoming renovation of Winthrop House have tweaked their construction plans so that a five-story addition will closer resemble the rest of the Neo-Georgian residence.

Campaign Asks Students To Rethink Halloween Costumes

The campaign addresses issues of cultural stereotypes and sexual expression and consent as they relate to dressing up for Halloween, with the messages “My costume is not consent,” “My culture is not a costume,” and “My identity is not a costume.”

Jimmy Fallon Injures His Hand, Again

During the late-night festivities that followed, Fallon reportedly tripped while holding a bottle of Jagermeister and cut his right hand, warranting a trip to Massachusetts General Hospital.