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Two Years Later, Griffin Gift Impacts Potential Donors

More than two years after Kenneth C. Griffin ’89’s record-breaking gift to Harvard in support of the College’s financial aid program, administrators said the gift has been impactful both for hundreds of undergraduates and potential donors.

College Admissions Experts Describe Unease Over New SAT

The first administration of the revised SAT exam will take place this Saturday, and experts remain unsure as to whether students have been able to adequately prepare for the new test.

Admissions Lawsuit Continues in ‘Slow Motion’

A lawsuit brought against Harvard’s practice of affirmative action has moved into the discovery stage with both sides stuck in a protracted back-and-forth battle over access to documents.

Scalia’s Death Could Affect Affirmative Action Lawsuits

The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin G. Scalia could affect the Court’s upcoming decision in Fisher v. Texas, an affirmative action case that experts say may change the admissions processes of universities including Harvard.

Fitzsimmons Endorses GSE Report, with Some Reservations

Admissions administrators, including Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons ’67, have largely supported a recent Graduate School of Education report that calls for widespread change to the college application process.

Record-Breaking 39,044 Apply for Class of 2020

Harvard College received 39,044 applications for admission to its Class of 2020—setting a new record for admissions the second year in a row and surpassing last year’s 37,305 total applications

Record-Breaking 39,044 Apply for Class of 2020

The 4.6-percent increase in applications from last year sets a new record for admissions the second year in a row.

Ed School Report Calls for Reforming Admissions Practices

The report argues colleges should dramatically alter their admissions practices with a new focus on promoting service, reducing academic and extracurricular stresses, and increasing student diversity.