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Unionizing against Sexual Violence

Existing University structures have repeatedly failed our students. The University has repeatedly shown that it cares more about maintaining its prestige and reputation than the wellbeing of its members.

The Summer Set

Guilty Pleasures: The Summer Set

Admittedly, some lines seem to be factually inaccurate. For example: “If I was James Dean, you could be my Audrey / ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ for two.” I’m pretty sure James Dean was not in that movie.


‘Mooncop’ an Eerie Examination of Modern Life

“Mooncop” is a poignant tale of loneliness and the overwhelming speed of technological advancement, told through simple yet expressive drawings.

HAIM – Boston Calling Spring 2016

Boston Calling 2016: Sunday Sound Bites

The Harvard Crimson reviews the Sunday performances at Boston Calling 2016.

Boston Calling Spring 2016

Boston Calling 2016: Sunday

On Sunday, the weather took a chilly turn at Boston Calling, but the excitement remained.

Janelle Monáe – Boston Calling Spring 2016

Boston Calling 2016: Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe stole the show on Boston Calling’s final day with her tangibly emotional vocals and contagiously upbeat dancing

Birdy Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Birdy

Prior to her concert at Paradise Rock Club on June 8, The Crimson spoke with Birdy to learn more about her approach to singing and songwriting.

High Dive by Jonathan Lee

'High Dive' Plunges Into History

“High Dive” uses ordinary voices to poignantly illustrate the development of an uncommon event with historical consequences—the ultimate tragedy of the novel lying not in the political aftermath of the disaster but in the mundane lives that the episode destroys.


Music Video Breakdown: ‘Work’ by Rihanna

This deadly serious music video takes a probing look at the issues of Caribbean immigrant workers in the United States.

Interior Darkness by Peter Straub

'Interior Darkness' Unveils Haunting Shadows Within Human Nature

In Straub's frightening tales, each character seems to resemble someone familiar—-perhaps that quiet boy in math class back in high school, or the shy kid two blocks down.

Cherry Wine Cover

Hozier’s ‘Cherry Wine’ Tenderly Addresses Domestic Violence

Hozier's video captures the nuances of the victim's emotions and the difficulties of leaving an abusive relationship.

Snow Harvard

Artistic Guide to Harvard: Fashion in the Snow

Residents of Cambridge struggle to stay warm and dry while trying not to let their fashion game slip up too much. Here's how.

The Queen of the Night

'The Queen of the Night' Indulges in Music and Mystery

Chee composes an indulgent world of music and magic, prostitutes and nobles, in a novel that is not so much a novel as it is an immersive performance that lingers in the imagination even after it has ended.


Wright’s Novel Glitters, But It's Not All Gold

"The Gold Eaters" paints a vivid picture of 16th-century Peru, with convincing perspectives from both the Spanish and the native side. But despite its accomplished tone of historical realism, as a novel it is somewhat lacking in plot depth and character maturity.

Calvin Klein at Gund Hall
On Campus

Calvin Klein Shares Perspective on Design at GSD

His name is displayed in the first slide of his PowerPoint, projected in familiar large white letters on a black background—a name that can be found on the waistbands of underwear, the straps of bras, and perhaps even a t-shirt or two: Calvin Klein. This Monday, Nov. 2, the famous fashion designer gave a lecture at the Graduate School of Design about the role of architecture in his work and the evolution of his ability as a businessman.