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IOP Executive Director Resigns to Work on Election

Her departure comes just after the Clinton campaign announced that IOP Director Margaret A. “Maggie” Williams would help lead the Democratic nominee’s White House transition team

IOP 2016 Fall Fellows to Focus on Presidential Election

Former Secretary of Defense Charles T. “Chuck” Hagel is one of the Institute of Politics’ visiting fellows for the fall semester, joining a roster of six resident and two visiting fellows selected broadly to focus on the current presidential election,

IOP Director Williams Joins Clinton Transition Team

​Institute of Politics director Margaret A. “Maggie” Williams will take an unpaid leave of absence in order to join a team of advisers to Hillary R. Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, tasked with planning for her potential transition to the White House.

In the Shadow of Vietnam, Students Brought the Gulf War to Campus

For almost all the members of the Class of 1991, the Gulf War was the first major U.S. military operation in their memory. To some students, the Gulf War was like a flash in the pan, seemingly over before it started. To others, the intervention was an important event that signaled what role the U.S. would play in world affairs in the coming years.

OCS vs. Wall Street

This year banks circumvented OCS and began recruiting students earlier, before official On-Campus Interviews for finance internships started in January. The tug-of-war and resulting breakdown caused OCS to move up its interview schedule by several months next year to avoid contending with the banks.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: LSD at Harvard

Timothy F. Leary and Richard Alpert continued to influence Harvard for years to come, sparking debates on the role of psychedelics on campus and helping to bring 1960s drug culture to the forefront of national consciousness.