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The Phillips Brooks House

Prioritizing Public Service

In its search for a new dean of public service, we hope the committee tasked with filling the position prioritizes the selection of an individual capable of reinvigorating the public service internship process on campus for students.

Housing Overlay Roundtable

House, Home, and City

We are hopeful that this measure will increase the supply of affordable housing around the city, ease the process by which that housing pool can be further expanded, and bring down ever-rising prices.

Harvard Divinity School

Clarifying Harvard’s Labor Practices

The University must respond in earnest to this growing tide of activism and discontent. As such, we call on the University to take three broad actions.


A New Hope for the Business School

A broader view of the challenges to the modern economic system demands a more systemic rethink of the Business School’s role in the business community and the economic system it champions more broadly.

UC Meeting

Supporting Constructive Dialogue

By way of ballot referenda, public forums, or other means of sourcing valuable student opinion, the Council should always consider their overriding goal: to represent the student body and its values in its projects.

Campus Free Speech

Trumped-Up Orders

There are many issues on our campus and within higher education that need meaningful and constructive responses. By speaking our minds with courage, we shine the way toward truth, transparency, and progress.

GSAS's Dudley House

Prioritizing Dudley’s Diversity

Administrators should seek to address issues of funding and lack of institutional support in looking to improve graduate students’ quality of life, especially for students from underrepresented and

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

No Auction, No Problem

If convinced that there is no financially workable model for achieving equity in college admissions right now, Harvard should work to find one, rather than dismiss the ideals of merit-based admissions.

Sanders 1

Ec 10 Shifts to the Future

As they look to start this new chapter for Ec 10, we believe Furman and Laibson have an opportunity and an obligation to change the direction and reputation of the course for the better.

Harvard Admissions

A Socioeconomically Equal Experience

Harvard has significant work to do in making students from all socioeconomic backgrounds — particularly historically marginalized ones — feel included and empowered.

New Lowell in the Snow 2019

Looking at Lowell’s Legacy

With the reopening of the renovated Lowell House this August, we believe it is the perfect time for the House to reaffirm its own values, while potentially establishing new ones.


Dangerous and Disappointing Changes for Yardfest

It is absolutely appropriate for the University to try to improve Yardfest both for safety and for student enjoyment. But we fear that the changes enacted for this year will do neither.

Lil Pump WHRB

The Problem with Probation

If probation and pre-probation warnings are tools the College is using to discipline organizations, the practical effects of probation and other disciplinary measures should be made clear to students

Peabody Museum

More Than a Photo

Harvard should take this opportunity to think critically about how its scholarship has yielded intellectual systems that perpetuate oppression and how it can address this role.

OSAPR Community Outreach Plans

In Support of OSAPR’s 'Community Engagement Model'

We deeply support the efforts the office has taken to do so, especially as it emphasizes OSAPR’s educational role, focuses on individual student needs, and seeks to make the office a non-intrusive resource.