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CS50 at Yale Hits Sophomore Slump

​Harvard’s Computer Science 50: “Introduction to Computer Science I” saw a significant drop in enrollment at Yale University as it kicks off its second year. In the meantime, the course staff have been busy making changes to the course’s curriculum, staff, and lecture structure.

New App Tackles Football Players' Health

​The Football Players Health Study at Harvard University recently launched an iPhone app to facilitate the collection of data from former players.

As Cambridge Bans Plastic Bags, Some Shopkeepers Skeptical

An ordinance banning the distribution of single-use plastic bags at store checkouts in Cambridge will take effect Thursday, and some local shopkeepers are skeptical of its projected impact.

Elected Leaders Have Shorter Lifespans, Higher Risk of Death, Study Shows

Political aspirants beware: heads of state live 2.7 years less than runner-up candidates who never serve in office, according to a December study led by a Harvard Medical School professor.