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From Pitchfork Music Festival 2018: Tame Impala

From Pitchfork Music Festival 2018: Tame Impala Light up the Stage in a Psychedelic Swirl

Tame Impala delivered a satisfying set, riding on continually stunning visuals and bursts of adrenaline spawned by their several bulletproof hits, if not on the steep devotion of their fans alone.


From Pitchfork Music Festival 2018: Japanese Breakfast are Radiant With Joy

"Machinist" was an incredible climax to perhaps the most animated and joyful set of the entire festival.

From Pitchfork Music Festival 2018: Blood Orange

From Pitchfork Music Festival 2018: Blood Orange Blesses with a Rare Appearance

The music gods have been overly generous to us: When Hynes and his band graced the Green Stage with performances of songs spanning his entire catalog, the experience felt like a blessing from beginning to end.

From Pitchfork Music Festival 2018: Courtney Barnett

From Pitchfork Music Festival 2018: Patricia's Friday Sound Bites

Chicago-based rapper Saba, whose set was a definite highlight of the day, hit the Red Stage to a sizable crowd of devoted fans.

"Lush" album cover.

Snail Mail Debut Stunning and Slow-Burning ‘Lush’

Across the record, Jordan’s threads of thought play out how one might imagine the wandering mind of a 20-something curled up in bed at night, darting endlessly from one emotionally consuming rumination to the next.

Out of Orbit Still

Harvard Ballet Company and Pops Orchestra to Present Space-Themed ‘Out of Orbit’

The Harvard Ballet Company and the Harvard Pops Orchestra are coming together for "Out of Orbit," which will combine classical ballet and music to bring outer space to the Loeb Mainstage.

Lullaby still

‘Lullaby’ Slow and Soporific

"Lullaby" ambles along with no clear impetus, falling into the same uninspiring pattern.


Portrait of an Artist: Kelela

The Harvard Crimson spoke with Kelela about her new album, R&B music, and her approach to songwriting and live performance.

Anna Laurent

Alumni Spotlight: Anna Laurent ’00

I loved the idea of looking at behaviors and morphological, physical features of organisms.


Endpaper: What I Mean

The truth of the matter was that his death jolted me into awareness. It made me all the more conscious of how I was always too afraid that what I’d say wouldn’t be intelligent enough, or substantive enough, or just plain enough.

Don't Wanna Know

Music Video Breakdown: 'Don't Wanna Know' by Maroon 5

"Don't Wanna Know" opens with a close-up shot of Adam Levine waking up one morning as a giant pseudo-insect-tortoise. This sounds unreal. It’s not.


"Queen of Katwe" Charms with Sincerity

“Queen of Katwe” is an exquisitely shot, powerfully acted, and delicately, intelligently directed film that does justice to the inspiring story of its protagonist.


Birdy Lets Her Hair Down In ‘Beautiful Lies’

In "Beautiful Lies," Birdy shows a side that is gorgeously complex and daringly individual.

Sarah Bakewell

Sarah Bakewell on Alienation, Existentialism, and People's Lives

Philosophical nonfiction author Sarah Bakewell speaks with The Crimson about her newest work and her own story.


'10 Cloverfield Lane' Succeeds Under Deft Direction

Aided by a remarkably talented cast, solid cinematography, and a menacing musical score, '10 Cloverfield Lane' unfolds to be a tremendously well-executed psychological thriller.