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Youth Homeless Center Could Close After Budget Cuts

After severe state budget cuts, youth homeless center Youth on Fire is at risk of shutting down if it does not receive more money from the government this month.

Climate Change Comes to Cambridge

Rising sea levels, storm surges, and floods caused by climate change could place Harvard's campus at risk of being washed away.

Harvard Prepares to House Thousands of Yalies for the Game

Houses, student organizations, and individual students are preparing to host hundreds of Yale students who will be congregating in Cambridge for this weekend’s events.

Houses Postpone Faculty Dinners After Strike

The historic dining workers’ strike concluded Wednesday with a new contract, but the status of semesterly student-faculty dinners in some Houses remains up in the air.

New 'Living Laboratory' Initiatives to Increase Sustainability Funding

The core idea of the Living Laboratory initiative, which will be housed in the Office for Sustainability, is to use the Harvard campus as a test bed for new ideas related to combating climate change and improving public health.

Students Register to Vote Absentee

Many College students from outside Massachusetts are taking advantage of absentee ballots to participate in their home state’s local politics.