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There are 15 reasons that you should read this issue: one for each of the seniors that we’ve decided to profile. “15 Most Interesting” is perhaps a misnomer — we could have selected several groups of 15 seniors to profile out of the many nominations we received.

Leaked: The Bisexual Agenda

FM’s roving bisexual reporter has taken it upon herself to leak The Bisexual Agenda, in the interest of extending such visibility beyond the brief, sweet 24 hours of this vaguely named holiday.

Gay Secrets of Harvard Art Museums

Puritanical influences be damned: The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is known to have an impressive collection of BGLTQ-centric art. (The company Oscar Wilde Tours leads “Gay Secrets of the MFA,” which has caught the eye of many a Facebook-browsing FM writer.) Harvard’s origins are similarly Puritanical, but is our art museum just as secretly queer? FM’s self-identified “roving bisexual reporter” investigates.

Where the Wild Things Are at 7 a.m.

We are waiting to enter Cure Lounge (described as “Boston’s Sexiest Lounge” on its website) in the wee hours of a Thursday morning to attend Daybreaker: an “early morning dance movement.”

Harry T. Newman-Plotnick

While Newman-Plotnick is a "very big proponent of just sitting around doing absolutely nothing for extended periods of time," this philosophy does not accurately reflect his time on campus.

Electoral College

Will H. MacArthur ’20 was one of two sophomores who ran in Cambridge’s recent municipal election; Nadya T. Okamoto ’20 ran for a seat on Cambridge’s City Council. Her campaign, too, was unsuccessful.