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Arts Vanity: Five Books You Don’t Have to Have Read to Be an Arts Editor

Many people believe that in order to be a Crimson Arts Executive you have to be well-versed in arts and culture, but that’s not true — all you need to know is how to type “flawed but compelling” and sprinkle it in your reviews.

‘The King’ Falls Short of Shakespeare’s Vision

In spite of its impressive casting and promising Shakespearean roots, Netflix’s new retelling of young Prince Hal’s rise to the throne in “The King” is nothing short of humorless and grim.

With ‘Year of the Monkey,’ Patti Smith Captivatingly Revisits Her Dreams

Inherently poetic and gorgeous, punk poet Patti Smith’s new memoir stretches across the year 2016 as she takes several trips across the U.S. fueled by late night dreams, clouded reality, and treasured memories.