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‘Captain Marvel’ still

‘Captain Marvel’ Is About a Woman. That’s Not the Point.

Idealizing "Captain Marvel" as an answer to a long-standing feminist question feels incorrect, but so does disparaging it as inconsequential.

'Heard It In a Past Life'

The Reinvention of Maggie Rogers in ‘Heard It In A Past Life’

“Heard It In A Past Life” is a testament to Maggie Rogers’ patient commitment to authenticity. And it is luminously, ridiculously, singularly good.

You Know You Want This Cover

‘You Know You Want This’ Offers Shock Value — But Not Much Else

Roupenian insists that we want this, we know we want this. But is it too much to ask for a little bit more?

Oscar nominations 2019 image

Surprises and Snubs: An Overview of the 2019 Oscar Nominations

It’s a genuine toss-up as to which film will take home the award for Best Picture this year, with no apparent frontrunner.

'Bird Box' still

'Bird Box' is the 'Quiet Place' Knock-Off You Can't Unsee

Being a genre movie is a forgivable transgression if done well. Yet it’s quickly clear that "Bird Box" can’t even sketch the contours of its own worldbuilding.

Golden Globes 2019

Representation Isn’t Enough: Hollywood’s Diversity Problem on Display at the Golden Globes

The Time’s Up movement's ribbon bracelets felt inadvertently symbolic: Even the most energized movements, if they lose momentum, can become accessory.

Caroline A. Tsai '20

Top 5 Celebrity Crushes as Arts Production Nights

Incoming Arts Co-Chair and famous people enthusiast Caroline A. Tsai '20 breaks down her top celeb crushes and roasts her predecessors along the way.

Thank u, next

‘thank u, next’ is a Brutally Kind Diss Track

Grande puts a new spin on that tradition by lifting the veil and dropping names. She doesn’t want to be excluded from that narrative. She wants to write it herself.

First Man Photo

In ‘First Man,’ Triumph for White Male Dreams

When you only care about the First Man, it seems, there’s no room for anyone else.

SNL Silhouette
Arts Blog

Unpopular Opinion: Saturday Night Live, Kavanaugh, and Who Gets to Laugh

A joke has power. It matters who’s in on it, and who’s outside of it.

Caroline Tsai

The Start of Something New

There are few films that can unite a generation as ubiquitously as “High School Musical.”

The Incendiaries Cover

In ‘The Incendiaries,’ Radical Religion and Romance Collide

At 210 pages, “The Incendiaries” is a compact novel, but Kwon packs it with sublime detail and fully fleshed-out characters, whose richly imagined inner lives lend their intricate story a haunted depth.

'Support the Girls' still

'Support the Girls' a Big-Hearted Dramedy

A tacky breastaurant becomes the unlikely site of solidarity and sisterhood.

Providence Cover

‘Providence’ Destined for Mediocrity

Kepnes’s novel, which is inspired by and often directly alludes to “The Dunwich Horror,” comes as an ersatz replication of Lovecraft’s delicately wrought horror fiction.

'Ocean's 8' still

'Ocean's 8' Steals the Jewels—But Not the Show

"Ocean's 8" is a 3D-printed zirconium model of what it could have been: Exciting, but just not the real thing.