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‘Riverdale’ Episode Six Recap: At This Point, Being Bad is ‘Hereditary’

The latest episode of "Riverdale" has brought very little to the table. At this point, the show is a weird re-hashing of problems from previous seasons, with the added benefit of Jughead’s prep school experience and Archie’s ongoing battle with a street thug.

‘Riverdale’ Episode Five: Wish I Hadn’t Witnessed ‘Witness for the Prosecution’

Episode Five of Season Four focuses mainly on two things: one of the most convoluted plot lines in recent “Riverdale” memory — the legal proceedings of the Lodge family — and the other one of the most hokey — Betty’s “serial killer” genes.

‘Last Christmas’ Has No Pulse

The film situates itself somewhere at the nexus of Hallmark holiday schmaltz and Paul Feigian black comedy, saccharine romantic comedy fare and posthumous George Michael publicity material.