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Panel Discusses Impact of Human Activity on Marine Ecosystems

​Three marine scientists discussed the detrimental impact human activity is having on the evolution of ocean organisms this past Thursday as part of the Evolution Matters Lecture Series.

Yardfest 2014

Yardfest Closed to All Visiting Prefrosh

​Unlike in previous years, all admitted students of the Class of 2021, including those who have to arrive early to Visitas for financial, religious, or medical reasons, will be denied entry to Yardfest this year.


Three Harvard Professors Named Guggenheim Fellows

​Three Harvard professors were awarded prestigious Guggenheim research fellowships, an award honoring “exceptional creative ability in the arts,” last week.

The Crime of Aggression
Harvard Law School

Professors and Lawyers Debate International Criminal Law, Acts of Aggression

Professors and students at the Law School gathered on Tuesday to argue whether aggressive acts by international states should be included under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

The Scientist as Sentinel
Sciences Division

Professor Argues For Increased Political Involvement from Scientists

"We need to speak because facts don’t actually speak for themselves,” History of Science professor Naomi Oreskes said during a lecture Wednesday in Science Center B.