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UC Fall Election

Forty-Four Students Win Seats on Undergraduate Council

Forty-four students were elected to the Council in a relatively high turnout election, the UC Election Commission announced Thursday evening. In total, 1,885 students voted this year.

Another Smith Campus Center Grand Opening!

Smith Campus Center Dedication Ceremony Features Faust, Bacow, Donor

“This is a dream come true,” said former University President Drew G. Faust, who helped oversee the project during her 11-year tenure, which ended in July.

Undergraduate Council

Almost Half of Harvard's Undergraduate Council Will Not Return to Govern

At least 23 representatives who served during the spring term — of 51 total members — are either declining to run for re-election or have resigned their positions in recent months.

UC first meeting Smith Center

Seventy-Eight Students Declare Candidacy for Undergraduate Council

Seventy-eight students declared their candidacy for seats on the Undergraduate Council over the weekend, representing a slight decline from the roughly 100 students who ran each of the past two years.

UC first meeting Smith Center

UC, Harvard Grad Council Collaborate on Mentorship Program

The Undergraduate Council and the Harvard Graduate Council plan to create a mentorship program this fall that will pair undergraduate and graduate students according to their interests and career goals.

Menstrual Products
Undergraduate Council

Every Harvard Dorm and House Will Now Provide Free Menstrual Products

Heeding students' calls, the College installed menstrual product dispensers in each upperclassman House and freshman yard over the summer.

UC first meeting Smith Center
Undergraduate Council

Undergraduate Council Adopts New Voting Method for Elections

The new method, called the Borda count voting system, gives each candidate a number of points corresponding to the number of candidates ranked below them. It's meant to simplify the process.

Mass Hall, Fall 2017
Student Groups

Title IX Office Creates Student Liaison Program

The University’s Title IX office will form a student liaison committee in an effort to better educate students about its policies and resources.

United States Capitol
City Politics

Ayanna Pressley Defeats Incumbent Congressman Michael Capuano

Running unopposed in November, Pressley, 44, will become the first African-American to represent the state in the U.S. House of Representatives.

United States Capitol
City Politics

Capuano, Pressley Face Off in Nationally Watched Primary

For the first time in roughly two decades, voters in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville will vote in a highly contested Democratic primary.

A Gathering Crowd

Harvard Is Without All-Female Social Groups After Last Three Holdouts Agree to Go Co-Ed

The Pleiades Society, the IC Club, and La Vie Club — the last three women-only final clubs left standing — have agreed to admit people of all genders and applied for College recognition, according to an email obtained by The Crimson.

Student Funding Process

‘Asking For More’: Student Group Funding at Harvard College

As the number of recognized student groups on campus has spiked, funding has failed to keep pace. Now, the College is upping the student activities fee from $75 to $200.


The Changing Face of the College Administration

The shape of the College administration differs radically from that of even a couple decades ago.

Mental Health Survey Graphic

Mental Health Survey Shows Lack of Awareness of Student Resources

More than one in seven surveyed undergraduates reported in a recent wellness survey that their emotional health has had a negative effect on their academic performance.

UC Website
Undergraduate Council

UC Debuts Revamped Website

​The Council debuted a revamped website Monday, which UC leaders say will serve a resource compendium for students and will better hold the body accountable.