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Harvard Management Company
Harvard Management Co

Harvard’s Farmland Holdings Come Under Fire In New Report

Harvard Management Company has spent more than $1 billion to buy more than 800,000 hectares of farmland, a new report estimates.

Tommy's Lunch Closes
Square Business

Remembering Tommy's Lunch, 'A Harvard Institution'

From 1958 to 1992, Tommy’s Lunch served greasy late-night food to generations of Harvard students. The restaurant’s sudden closure in Nov. 1992 shocked loyal customers and fellow Square merchants.

Water Feature Graphic

In Drought-Stricken Central California, Harvard Hopes to Turn Water Into Wine

Harvard owns 7,500 acres of vineyards in Cuyama Valley, California. Water scarcity threatens the future of agriculture in the region.

University Hall

Tax Bill Changes Landscape for Potential Harvard Donors

This could be bad news for organizations that depend heavily on donations—including institutions of higher education like Harvard.

Harvard Management Company
University Finances

Harvard Money Manager Departs

Melinda Barber, a managing director at Harvard Management Company—the University’s investment arm—will leave Harvard, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

Capitol Building
College Finance

Republican Tax Plan Could Mean Added Business Income Tax for Harvard

​Hidden in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed last year is a change in the way taxes are calculated for nonprofits that could lead to increased expenses for Harvard.

Shareholder 1
Harvard Management Co

'Hard Lines to Draw': Harvard Balances Roles as University, Investor

Both a major investor and an educational institution, Harvard seeks to strike a difficult balance between considering ethical responsibilities while remaining apolitical.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - HMC Office

HMC Real Estate Team Spins Off to Bain Capital

Harvard Management Corporation's real estate team will now be housed at Boston private equity firm Bain Capital.

HMC Endowment Composition

Univ. Endowment Fell Behind National Average, Report Finds

​Harvard’s endowment returns fell three points below the national average for college and university endowments in fiscal year 2017.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - HMC Office
Harvard Management Co

Harvard Sells Majority Stake in NYC Properties for $244 Million

Harvard Management Company sold its majority stake in a portfolio of properties scattered around New York City to Blackstone Group for nearly $244 million.

Harvard Management Company
University Finances

HMC Sells $74 Million of Cows and Farmland to New Zealand Company

Harvard’s more than 5,000 cows are about to change hands.

Vote Here
Student Groups

Campus Democrats Celebrate Election Results

Harvard students reacted with a mixture of joy and disappointment to a string of Democratic victories in New Jersey and Virginia after elections on Tuesday.

Mt. Trashmore
Student Groups

Sustainability Group Builds 'Mt. Trashmore'

​Freshmen making their way to Annenberg on Wednesday morning passed by a mountain of trash including greasy pizza boxes, rotting food, and crumpled red cups.

eva boardplus greenhouse pizza
Food and Drink

Pizza Chains Compete for Harvard Students with New Deals

In the battle for the hungry stomachs of Harvard undergraduates, pizza chain Papa John’s recently employed deals to gain a greater share of an already competitive market.

Haunted Houses
Student Life

Students Spooked by 'Nightmare on Plympton Street'

Sheets dyed with fake blood hang from fishing wire divide the room, cobweb-covered exam practice books sit on a desk, and spooky sound effects play in the background.