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On Campus

Typhoon Mangkhut Hits International Students' Homes

As Typhoon Mangkhut — so far labeled the most powerful storm of the year — struck Southeast Asia, Harvard students checked in with loved ones back home.

Medical School Gun Violence Rally
Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School Demonstrators Demand Gun Control, Gun Research Funding

The event was organized by “Scrubs Addressing the Firearm Epidemic,” a national organization of healthcare professionals which advocates for “evidence-based policy” to reduce gun injuries.

Popular Course Enrollment

Computer Science, Greek Mythology Classes Surpass Intro to Economics in Top Fall Course Enrollment

Computer Science 50 led course enrollment numbers with 724 undergraduates, according to data from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences registrar’s office Thursday.

University Hall

Lawrence D. Bobo Named Next Dean of Social Science

Lawrence D. Bobo, professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology, will become the dean of Social Science on October 1.

Radcliffe Yard in Spring
Radcliffe Institute

Radcliffe Institute Panelists Discuss Contemporary Feminism

The Institute convened “Feminisms Now” in honor of the Schlesinger Library’s 75th Anniversary and the event highlighted how feminism has changed since its founding.

University Hall

Harvard Students Can Now Pursue a Secondary in Educational Studies

Harvard's brand-new Educational Studies secondary is officially open for business. Eleven students have already declared the secondary and at least 30 more are interested.


Government Department Introduces Two New STEM-Focused Tracks

This upcoming year, students concentrating in Government will be able to specialize in “Data Science” or “Tech Science” for the first time.

Littauer Center

Decorated Economist Raj Chetty Returns to Harvard

Chetty, a recipient of a 2012 MacArthur “genius grant” and the prestigious John Bates Clark Medal, will return to Harvard this summer after three years at Stanford University.

Harvard Square

Gelato 'Boutique' Amorino to Open in Harvard Square

Amorino, a high-end gelato chain, will open in Harvard Square just in time for the summer.

Committee Kids Venn Diagram

The Committee Kids

They’re known on campus as committee kids—the students whose names appear time and time again on the rosters of Harvard’s student committees. But some charge the committee kids do not accurately represent the College's student body.

Littauer Portraits

In Short Supply: Women in the Economics Department

Many graduate students and faculty applaud these efforts for adding needed diversity to the department and improving departmental climate, some female department affiliates say it remains a challenge to constitute a minority in their field.


Government, History Professors Weigh In On Leaving Iran Deal

Several Harvard social science professors criticized President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

Glenn R. Magid Outside of His Office

College’s Advising Programs Office Director Steps Down

Glenn R. Magid, director of the Advising Programs Office, stepped down from his post in March after almost six years at the College.

University Hall

College Students Excited for New Education Secondary

The new secondary is designed as an interdisciplinary approach to education, with classes focusing on education policy, the sociological and economic impacts of education, as well as pedagogy.

Facebook Office
Social Sciences Division

Facebook Partners With Harvard Researcher To Study Election Impacts

King and Persily’s commission, composed of academics across the social sciences, will have access to all of Facebook’s user data in an anonymized form.