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Carnival 2018

A Homecoming in Kendall Square

“To share your culture without being censored — this is activism, and this is much bigger than us.”

Bitcoin Expo 2018
Around Town

The BitCoin Revolution You Never Noticed

​Although no one listed any prerequisites on the MIT BitCoin Expo website, we find ourselves woefully unprepared when we show up at the conference, facing the thick, turbid jargon that is computer science.

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A Brief History of Ec 10

To the many undergraduates who take it, and the many graduate students who teach it, Ec10 is—for better or worse—a pillar of Harvard’s liberal arts education, perennially popular but oft-critiqued.

Will You Still Have a Job When the Robots Arrive?

Will You Still Have a Job When the Robots Arrive?

Earlier this fall, the organization hosted a panel discussion that hoped to answer a foreboding question: Will you still have a job when the robots arrive?

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Participants often describe struggles with racial identity, sexual orientation, and mental health—topics they usually wouldn’t discuss publicly online.