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Marlyn E. McGrath '70

Harry, Marlyn, and Harvard: A 50-Year Marriage

Harvard has undergone decades of change—and Lewis and McGrath have been around to see it. Both have stayed in Cambridge and, in many ways, become campus institutions.

Miss Radcliffe Finalists

When the Crimson Ran a Beauty Pageant

During the years of the contest, Crimson photographers would scout out Miss Radcliffe candidates at the early fall dances, inviting 25 to 30 semifinalists to attend a dinner where the girls’ looks and manners were assessed. The Crimeds narrowed this group down to a cohort of six finalists, who were judged by editors, faculty members, fashion experts, and in 1953, even Miss United States.

Porter Square Books Owner
Around Town

The Indies: Threatened, But Thriving

On one side stands Amazon—vast, convenient, and cheap. On the other side stands small bookstores, promoting what Ryan L. Raffaelli, a Harvard Business School professor studying the industry, calls “the 3 C’s”: community, convening, and curation.

MIT old

The Fraught Courtship of Harvard and MIT

Beginning just a year after MIT’s inception in 1861, Harvard introduced several proposals to combine the two schools. Forty-two years later, the schools were considering their sixth alliance attempt, and it looked like this one might actually succeed.

Snow Cycle
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Winter for Cambridge’s Homeless

"We are fortunate to have all these other providers along with us, that though not connected to us, are contributing to this unified effort to help people stay out of the cold when the weather hits.”

The Game
The Game

15 Texts You Tried to Send At The Harvard-Yale Game

1:43 p.m: Made it to the game!!! r u even getting these


Adams Drag Night

While scores of students enjoy Drag Night each year, many remain unaware of the history behind the event until they are told by others.

A herd? Maybe?

Bring Back The Mammoth

I didn’t really expect that this project, which is honestly one percent of my lab, would get more attention than the rest put together, which is fine. You want to engage the public on whatever aspect of science they won’t deny.

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Green, Gold, and Blue

The synesthetes’ are abstract, descriptive: crackly, poppy, buzzy, warm, red, bronze.