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Anne-Marie in "Don't Leave Me Alone."
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Music Video Breakdown: 'Don’t Leave Me Alone' by David Guetta ft. Anne-Marie

At first glance, “Don’t Leave Me Alone” seems like any other pop tune about a girl yearning for her lover. Yet there’s an unmistakably eerie feel to the setting.

'Game Night' still

‘Game Night’ Sacrifices Plot for Humor

“Game Night” can’t hide the fact that without its humor, its unbacked storyline would be utterly uninteresting.

Fromm Concert

Fromm Players Reignite The Power of the Individual

​On Mar. 31, the Fromm Players performed an eclectic assortment of pieces ranging from folk songs to contemporary concert music.

'The Theta Girl' still

‘The Theta Girl’ Gory, Yet Heartwarming

Whether shaken or inspired, viewers of "The Theta Girl" won’t leave it feeling unbothered.


Claudia Rankine on 'Citizen' and 'The White Card' at Emerson

On March 4, award-winning poet and playwright Claudia Rankine sat down to continue a conversation she started with her new play “The White Card” with over 1,000 people in Boston.

Harvard Book Store

Danielle Lazarin Discusses Female Expression in a Society That Stymies It

“I’m teaching my daughters to be rude,” Danielle Lazarin said to listeners of her talk.