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Ajay V. Singh

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‘Inclusion and Belonging’ Has Failed

I want to believe that Harvard has outgrown the idea that belonging here requires that we look a certain way or come from a certain background. But then, I am forced to face reality.

Objective Journalism Doesn’t Exist

So-called “balanced” information privileges powerful entities like the state and large corporations, entities that have enough power to influence and produce narratives, to inform and shape truth to match their agenda.

In Harvard, But Not of It

Is Harvard willing to prove that students of color truly matter, outside of brochures and palatable statistics?

The (Re)Gentrification of Harvard Square

We need to hold these firms accountable through policies that afford renters in Harvard Square more rights and protections.

The Politics of Office Hours

Most first-generation students, students of color, and even freshmen struggle with this form of elite networking, one that is so ingrained into interactions between students and non-students at the College.