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Hasan Minhaj Still

Top 5: Netflix Comedy Specials to Distract You From Your Work

Anyone who wants to watch an hour-long program need not go to a live show; Netflix offers countless comedy specials to distract you from your latest essay.

Yardfest Roving Reporter

Roving Reporter: Yardfest 2019 Edition

"I’m actually not entirely sure who’s playing."


Cheat Codes Comes to Harvard, Breaks Down Their Process

The event functioned like a seminar, with Dahl spending the first half of the event walking the audience through the process by which the group remixed Maggie Lindemann’s song “Pretty Girl.”

'House of Glass'

‘House of Glass’ is a Distorted Portrayal of Anxiety and Paranoia

The instrumentation and production of the song make these phrases stick in the listener’s mind, conveying the band’s feelings about their fame.


'You Had Your Soul With You' Uses a Usual Theme, Gets Inspiration From a New Source

“You Had Your Soul With You” wants to be happy.

Electric Ladyland Cover

Redefining Rock: ‘Electric Ladyland’ by The Jimi Hendrix Experience 50 Years Later

Unlike many other albums of its time, “Electric Ladyland” often tries to establish its meaning through instrumentals, instead of leaning solely on the lyrics to do so.

American Vandal Season Two

‘American Vandal’ Season 2: The Show Grows Up and Will Crack You Up

While the second season maintains the absurd satire of its predecessor, it surpasses it in its themes, namely in its evaluation of class, justice, and social media and the roles they play in high school life.