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Does Cambridge Have a Hate Crime Problem?

On Oct. 28, the Cambridge City Council moved to address hate crimes like these. The body voted unanimously to pass an ordinance “to determine Cambridge’s threat level from hate crimes and other related events” and empowered City Manager Louis A. DePasquale to decide on an appropriate response.

Reimagining an Epstein-Free MIT

On Friday, Oct. 18, Media Lab students and staff hosted an event at the Lab called “Reimagine This Place” in response to the recent revelations. Members of the MIT community were invited to make posters that represented their vision for MIT’s future — and the world’s future.

Why Do We Want Who We Want?

It seems like, even 40 years after the sex wars, “sexual preference” is often treated as inviolably personal and therefore immune from scrutiny. What if the new standard was to insist that no, you’re not allowed to hold any set of desires without explaining why?