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Walking by the ‘Woods’

Four million people live in this city. The global temperature has risen by an average of one degree Celsius since the 19th century. My feet are sore, and I wish that, for a moment, I could lean back on the bench overlooking the rose garden, close my eyes, and not be interrupted by the sporadic honking and sirens blaring from Route 203.

Exploring Spirituality and Civic Life

Dan P. McKanan’s ’89 work outlines anthroposophical teachings concerned with the biological and spiritual interconnectedness of agriculture. “There's an understanding that certain spiritual forces stream down to earth from various cosmic realms, and the farmer is working with those spiritual forces,” he explains.

The Dilemma of the Student Philanthropist

College-aged nonprofit founders face hurdles beyond time management — with less than 22 years of life experience, they grapple with the challenges of defining a philanthropic mission, navigating thorny legal procedures, and organizing projects and employees.