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Pranati P. Parikh

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A Place To Rest

To every one of these encounters, I brought with me a bit of her and the faith we shared: Seeing the best in people. Acceptance. Curiosity. Experiencing a living, loving God. A love of nature, of indie, folksy pop, of Christian worship music.

Light Without Wind

It was my father, that day and every day, who gave faith a new meaning, steady and quiet, performing nothing, and needing no occasion but normalcy to find good in the dark. This Diwali, when the last light dissolves, I remember this.

A Gallery for Hope

In our tiredness, in our frustration with the ever-increasing distance between the way the world is and the way it should be, we must not lose sight of this reality. There may be more to the universe and its story than we know.

If We Hadn’t: Grief and Hypothetical Realities in the Mahabharata

The “Mahabharata” isn’t exactly describing a pandemic, or national political upheaval, but it does speak to a reality we experience this year: widespread death, injustice, confusion, and uncertainty about the future in a peculiarly fatalistic way.

You, Me, and the Spaces Between Us

Perhaps the next time there is a Zoom glitch, or a scheduling conflict, or even a loud silence in the house, I can peel away my tendency to objectify, grasp, or seek attention, and know that people far away from me are very much still present.

Hungry for Love

I learned of this line of poetry from within Nishkulanand Swami’s massive literary corpus: “Sakhī, bhūdhara bhūkhyo che bhāvano.” My friend, God is hungry for love.