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Mahajan and Patel Plan To Bridge Gaps in Student Experience

Sanika S. Mahajan ’21 and Rushi A. Patel ’21, one of several tickets vying for the Undergraduate Council presidency and vice presidency, hope to fix perceived gaps in the undergraduate  experience and empower student activists, according to their campaign platform.

Craig Kelley

Craig A. Kelley has made transportation innovation, affordable housing, climate change, and education his top priority issues for his Cambridge City Council re-election campaign.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney Discusses International Cooperation at IOP

As part of the annual Albert H. Gordon Lecture series — which focuses on international finance — the event addressed multilateral responses to potential international crises, such as climate change and financial recessions.

Native Americans at Harvard College Celebrates Indigenous Peoples' Day

Undergraduate group Native Americans at Harvard College hosted an Indigenous Peoples’ Day event Monday, celebrating native cultures and petitioning Harvard administrators to solely accept Indigenous Peoples' Day as the official University holiday and cease recognition of Columbus Day.

A Social Social Studies Thesis

The year is 1978, and five women gather outside the office of Social Studies department chair Michael Walzer. As they wait, shoes tapping, they discuss the most recent Phillips Brooks House Association meeting and debate strategies for empowering marginalized groups. They are here to write their thesis — together, not alone.