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Leahy Ardon Still.

Leahy Ardon Profile: Levity, Laurels, and the Levant

Artist, educator, and activist all in one, Ardon navigates her different roles with apparent ease.

Cover Art for "Dear Mr. Henshaw" by Beverly Cleary.

From Our Bookshelves: 'Dear Mr. Henshaw'

Beverly Cleary's 1983 novel, "Dear Mr. Henshaw" is strikingly relatable to the post-pandemic reader as it details a life gripped by loneliness and isolation.

Addison Rae "Obsessed" Music Video Still

Influencers-Turned-Singers Will Continue Forever

In an unsurprising move, TikTok star Addison Rae released her debut single “Obsessed” this month, a short song that highlights self-love and empowerment.

North German Philharmonic Rostock

North German Philharmonic Rostock Review: Reimagining the Classical Recording

Under conductor Marcus Bosch, The North German Philharmonic Rostock’s latest release provides a refreshing take on the classical album.

Berkshire Theatre Group Feature Still

Berkshire Theatre Group Moves into 2021 with Successful 2020 in Hand

While the rural nature of Massachusetts’ westernmost county poses a challenge to small businesses, the low density is a blessing for pandemic-era theater.

Lights Up: Save Our Stages Still

Lights Up: So, Who’s Paying Tonight?

In an attempt to promote artistic freedom, America surrenders its art over to the private sector.


An Orchestra Fit for Harvard

An orchestra as fine as Harvard’s shouldn’t be taken for granted. HRO at its best sounds like what it is — a group made up of conservatory-level players who happen to also have a penchant for academics.

A Night at the Symphony

In Defense of the Wind Ensemble

If bands want to command more respect in the music world , they first have to treat themselves like professionals — at Harvard, and across the country.


Doping at the Philharmonic

The industry faces a choice: either destigmatize beta-blockers and provide health resources, such as an in-house medical team to provide and monitor dosage, or ban them and introduce a system of drug testing as enforcement.


Beethoven Dead at 250

With classical music in such decline, especially in America, we desperately need to try something new. More Beethoven is just more of the same.

A Night at the Symphony

The Music School’s Dilemma

If there’s a time for colleges — both liberal arts institutions and conservatories — to support their music students with new course offerings and career preparation for a changing music industry, it’s now.


'Who Belongs at the Orchestra?'

Who belongs at an orchestra concert? You do. There is classical music for you, and everyone of all tastes. The music industry just hasn’t done a good job of showing you where to look.