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Patrick M. Magee

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A Quarantine of Forms

In the last 100 years, developments in physics have reaffirmed the fundamentality of mathematics to the universe — and in a subtle way, pointed toward the centrality of consciousness.

Coronavirus In the Time of the Smartphone

As we exit the alternate reality of the pandemic, there’s no question that the world we return to will be dramatically different from the one we left in 2019. Here’s to hoping that world will be a better one — and maybe a little more connected than before.

Selling Out: A Qualified Defense

Everyone has the opportunity to find service in their work, not just the small percentage who have jobs in the nonprofit sector.

Hidden In Plain Sight

How on earth can our society, advanced in so many respects, so flagrantly fail to care for its elderly? What does it say about us, that we find their situation so easy to forget?

The Cost of a Harvard Education

If the primary expense is coursework, and the payoff credentials, extracurriculars, and networking, one wonders if there’s a way to give Americans the latter without the cost of the former.