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Harvard Yard

Harvard Researchers Determine Weather on Jupiter and Saturn May Be Driven by Unique Factors

Three researchers — two from Harvard and one from the University of Alberta — have conducted simulations that suggest weather on Jupiter and Saturn may be influenced by different factors than those on Earth.

Fall Move-In
Student Groups

Harvard-Wide Task Force 'Students vs. Pandemics' Expands into National Initiative

Students vs. Pandemics — which began a Harvard-wide task force formed in response to COVID-19 — has grown into a national initiative with branches in 10 universities across North America.

Gutman Library

Harvard Faculty, Administrators Discuss Election Impact on Youth

Five faculty and administrators from three Harvard schools converged to discuss the 2020 United States election’s impact on young people in a virtual panel hosted by the Graduate School of Education Tuesday.

Gund Hall Polling Place

Harvard Experts Explore Implications of 2020 Election for U.S. Health Policy in Report

Two Harvard researchers explored the implications of the 2020 election on U.S. healthcare policy in a study published last week.

Radcliffe Yard
Radcliffe Institute

United Nations High-Level Commissioner Talks Women’s Role in Policymaking

United Nations High-Level Commissioner on Health Employment and Economic Growth and Radcliffe Fellow Alaa Murabit discussed women’s role in policymaking Tuesday.

Social Distance Still

Netflix’s ‘Social Distance’ Endeavors to Warm Our Lonely Hearts

We are all alone, and in that aloneness, we are together. Each 20-some minute episode of the televisual anthology illuminates heartwarming instances of human connection in a tragically disconnected status quo.

'The Trial of the Chicago 7' Still

'The Trial of the Chicago 7' is Neither Good Nor Great: It is Necessary Watching

Sorkin’s signature screenwriting prowess, particularly his effortless construction of conversation, renders “The Trial of the Chicago 7” as much a richly intellectual experience as a stirring cinematic one.

Promotional art for Gorillaz's "Song Machine"

Gorillaz’s ‘Song Machine’ Disassembles the Human Heart

Whether it be the completely virtual nature of their band or their postmodern musicality, Gorillaz challenges its listeners to question what meaningful sound is.

Widener Library
Graduate School of Design

Experts Discuss the ‘Architecture of Democracy’ in Lecture Hosted by Harvard and MIT

Architects and academic experts discussed the connection between architecture and democracy in a virtual lecture co-hosted by the Harvard and MIT’s Departments of Architecture Wednesday.

Monsterland Still

Hulu’s ‘Monsterland’ is an Underwhelming Show with Monstrous Potential

In Hulu’s much-anticipated original series, the monsters aren’t just under the bed: They’re everywhere. Most critically, they are dormant in everyone, waiting patiently for the world’s madness to awaken them.

'Alice in Wonderland' Still

Top 5: Scary Movies Outside of the Horror Genre

As Halloween season approaches, viewers everywhere reflexively pull out their trusted list of spooky favorites.

'Memories of Murder' Still

‘Memories of Murder’: Violence Through a Nostalgic Gaze

What happens when ordinary people face unordinary phenomena?

'No Time to Die' Still

All of Daniel Craig’s Bond Movies, Ranked

Crumbling on the inside because you won’t be able to see Daniel Craig’s franchise finale for another year and a half? Here’s a list of Craig’s Bond films, ranked worst to best.

Harvard School of Public Health
School of Public Health

Nearly a Quarter of Rural Americans Unable to Receive Medical Care During Pandemic, School of Public Health Poll Finds

Published earlier this month, the poll provides a glimpse into rural Americans’ personal lives and wellbeing during the pandemic. Of the households who reported that they lacked access to care, 56 percent reported detrimental health consequences as a result, according to the poll.


Newsroom Leaders Discuss 2020 Election at Lecture Co-Hosted by Institute of Politics, Shorenstein Center

The logistical challenges of counting mail-in ballots might delay election results, speakers at an IOP online event said.