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Black Widow Film Still

Movie Trailer Breakdown: ‘Black Widow’

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest “Black Widow” trailer, though not revealing much more than prior teasers, is excellently crafted.

The Irregulars Season 1 Review Still

‘The Irregulars’ Review: Found Family in a Supernatural London

Though it’s clear from the beginning that the show is targeting an audience of young adults, it’s still enjoyable to watch for viewers of all ages and with any relationships to the original Sherlock Holmes series.

"Loki" Series Trailer Still

Trailer Breakdown: ‘Loki’

The newest trailer for “Loki” is as chaotic and intriguing as the beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe villain himself.

"Sentinelle" Still

‘Sentinelle’ Review: A Revenge Story With Unfulfilled Potential

“Sentinelle” ultimately falls short for those who want more poignancy from a narrative that carries so much potential for social commentary.

'The Conjurors' Club' Still

‘The Conjurors’ Club’ Review: Bringing Connection Back to Virtual Theater

While the magicians’ tricks remain undisclosed, the excitement and fun of “The Conjurors’ Club” is a secret that should be shared with everyone.

Cover Art for "Nancy" by Maggie Shipstead

‘Great Circle’ Review: Soaring Storylines Brought Down to Earth With Beautiful Prose

Unbelievably expansive both in setting and scope, "Great Circle" by Maggie Shipstead features a dynamic cast of characters from the past and present.

Cover of "Outlawed" by Anna North

‘Outlawed’ Review: A Fascinating Feminist Take on the Western

A reimagining of the Western genre through an alternate history with a feminist lens, Anna North crafts a compelling tale exploring issues of gender, race, and sexuality.

'The Fall of the House of Usher' Still

‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ Review: An Immersive and Spine-Chilling Virtual Opera Experience

If viewers are willing to allow this production to defamiliarize and unsettle — which it accomplishes to great effect — then they can expect an impactful, if ambiguous, theatrical experience.

"Wonder Woman 1984" Still

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Unfortunately Doesn’t Compare to its Predecessor

Unfortunately for “Wonder Woman 1984,” the schtick doesn’t stick, and the film falls tragically short of its trailblazing predecessor.

WandaVision Premiere Still

‘WandaVision’ Premiere Review: A Brilliant Standard for the MCU’s Phase Four

“WandaVision,” on its surface a witty and frivolous sitcom about two superheroes trying their hand at living in suburbia, is filled with complexities.

'Wonder Woman' Still

'Wonder Woman' is a Sensational Origin Story: A Retrospective

With the release of “Wonder Woman 1984” on Christmas Day 2020, the first solo installment to Diana’s story is well worth a revisit.

"These Violent Delights" cover art

‘These Violent Delights’ is a Daring and Dazzling Debut

The descriptions of the settings are beautifully written, giving readers vivid imagery of the glitz and gore of gang-run Shanghai, perfectly accentuating the story.

Stack of books by windowsill

From Our Writers: What Books Kept You Sane In Quarantine?

Our writers turned to books for solace throughout quarantine: Here are their top picks for what soothed them most.

Harvard Book Store

Alex Meriwether of the Harvard Book Store Talks about Community and Running a Local Bookstore in a Pandemic

The Harvard Crimson interviewed the General Manager of the Harvard Bookstore, Alex Meriwether, about running an independent bookstore amid the pandemic.

"To Sleep in a Sea of Stars" cover art

‘To Sleep in a Sea of Stars’ is an Action-Packed, Otherworldly Adventure’

“To Sleep in a Sea of Stars” is a captivating tale of space exploration, human curiosity, and love in its many forms.