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"'96 Bulls" Cover Art

‘‘96 Bulls’ Review: Kota the Friend’s Deceptively Deep New Single

With his versatility as an artist on full display in “‘96 Bulls,” Kota the Friend draws attention to his inherent duality as a person.

"The Card Counter" Still

‘The Card Counter’ Review: A Movie Written by a Writer for Other Writers

“The Card Counter” is a film that invites questions and inspires reflection: There are layers to understanding the work, and the screening experience does not end after leaving the theater.

'In the Lateness of the World' cover still

‘In the Lateness of the World’ Review: A Meditative Journey through Thought and Time

While they don’t tell a single story, the individual poems that make up “In the Lateness of the World” take the reader on a meditative journey.

Cover Art for "You Belong Here Now" by Dianna Rostad

‘You Belong Here Now’ Review: A Casual Read Lacking a Touch of Detail

In the end, “You Belong Here Now” is a novel that suffers from a paradox of complexity: at times too simple, and at others too complicated.

Lil Tecca "Show Me Up" Music Video

Music Video Breakdown: “Show Me Up” by Lil Tecca

The physical and temporal distortion of the video are the perfect backdrop to the trance-like song that they are meant to represent.

Cover of "Nancy" by Bruno Lloret

‘Nancy’ Review: A Poetic Look into Chilean Society

Originally written in Spanish, the recently translated "Nancy" by Chilean author Bruno Lloret tells a raw and heart-wrenching story of survival.

"What Sammy Knew" Cover

‘What Sammy Knew’ Review: Not Just Another Coming-of-Age Story

David Laskin tells a timeless tale of maturity set against a backdrop of 1970s New York.

Image of Gary Golio

Portrait of an Artist: Gary Golio

Gary Golio recently sat down with The Harvard Crimson to discuss his latest projects, writing picture books, and his decision to become an author.

"The Midnight Library" cover art

‘The Midnight Library’: A Tale of What Could Have Been

Haig chooses to pursue the repetitive, predictable plot that reveals itself less than a third of the way into the book.

"Losses" Lil Tjay music video still

Music Video Breakdown: 'Losses' by Lil Tjay

With the first note of the song’s despondent melody, the video cuts to a shot of Lil Tjay sitting on the hood of an expensive-looking sedan.

Family Business Still

The Second Season of Netflix’s ‘Family Business’ Leaves Viewers Hungry for a Third

The second season of this show was just as ridiculous, light-hearted, and downright funny as the first, adding a second chapter to a story so entertaining that it makes the promise of a third something to genuinely look forward to.

"Witch" cover art

‘Witch’: A Collection of Poetry Too Cryptic to Be of Any Use

In his attempt to create a work set apart by its subtlety and subtext, Matthews presents the reader with a work that is instead an off-putting and laborious read.

"Home" cover art

In ‘Home,’ Pensive Poetry Brings Disparate Worlds Together

“Home” lends its readers an experience that is at once fluid and thought-provoking, one that makes it easy to lose track of time and, more importantly, context.