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Plants Need Water (and other things)

With promises of fall sweaters and pumpkin-flavored everything, the leaves outside are starting to turn a brilliant red and orange. Unfortunately, the leaves on our indoor plants have also decided to change. Whether you’re looking to buy a new plant or keep your existing plants healthy, hopefully this list helps your babies grow and thrive!

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How To: Enjoy An Indoor Wellness Day

So Wellness Days may not be like, amazing or anything, but at least they're something? As our very last one of the semester approaches, enjoy some cozy indoor activities to hide away from the gross Boston weather (or just enjoy listening to plenty of Taylor Swift anyways!).

Winthrop Gate 2021

Winthrop House

Welcome to Winthrop House, where you’ll kick back and relax in not one, not two, but THREE separate courtyards (and that’s before you even step foot inside!).

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Flyby Tries: Fun Ways to Reuse Those Giant Brown Paper Bags

Years from now, the Class of 2024 will be known by many things. We’re the class that started college on Zoom, along with a million other ~unprecedented~ experiences. However, believe it or not, we have another legacy: we’re the class with the giant brown paper bags (thanks, HUDS!).

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How to: Cope With Missing Your Pets

Another semester is here, and many of us find ourselves back on campus (or at least out of our childhood bedrooms for once). On one hand, we finally have the opportunity for some limited social interaction that's not on Zoom; however, for some of us this also comes at a serious cost: no more quality time with our pets. Flyby is here with some hopefully helpful suggestions for filling this void in your heart!

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The Ultimate Zoom Wishlist

Take it from us: stop waiting for life to give you lemons — Amazon yourself some lemons, make some lemonade, and do your pset in style.