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"New Shapes" Cover Art

Single Review: “New Shapes” by Charli XCX is the Perfect Song for Looking Hot and Unbothered

Human relationships are complicated and messy. Charli XCX's “New Shapes” tells the listener not to fixate on the problems.

"The Power of the Dog" Still

‘The Power of the Dog’ Review: Jane Campion’s Western Explores Suppression and Masculinity

“The Power of the Dog” thrives in its subtleties: the silence between words, a lingering stare, and subtle gestures.

Sofia Coppola

Woman Director Spotlight: Sofia Coppola

Though she boasts a diverse filmography, it is clear that Coppola’s upbringing defines her cinematic perspective, and her films explore shared themes: the mundane aspects of the celebrity, concurring feelings of isolation and invasiveness, and the relationship between father and daughter.

Thanksgiving Table with Food

Thanksgiving Foods as Songs

Perhaps this is an idea better left in the darkest depths of my Notes app, but in the true holiday spirit, I am charitably sharing it for the world to see.


Community and Social Justice is the Main Act at the Dance for World Community Festival

Dance for World shows the potential for dance to illuminate social issues.