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At Vilna Shul, Shabbat is a Big Dill

With national attention trained on Harvard the past few months, engaging in Jewish spaces on campus has felt like more of a political endeavor. Pickle-making, gimmicky in all the right ways, was enough to get us out the door.

Fifteen Questions: Arthur M. Kleinman on Caregiving, Field Research in China, and His Love Story

A professor of anthropology of over 40 years, Kleinman studies patient-caregiver relationships in Asia. “I had the personal experience of taking care of my late wife, Joan, for 10 and a half years while she suffered from early onset Alzheimer’s disease and died from it,” he says. “That experience was transformative for me. I thought I knew everything about illness and care. I realized that I had a hell of a lot to learn. What is it to take care of someone who you love with a terrible disease?”

Daniel E. Lieberman ’86 on Extending ‘Healthspan’, Scientific Humor, and Running Barefoot Along the Charles

The biological anthropologist sat down with Fifteen Minutes to discuss exercise and longevity. “Humans weren’t designed, we weren’t engineered — we evolved,” he says. “If you want to understand why we are the way we are, you have to include that evolutionary history as part of your perspective.”

‘Fighting the Same Fight’: Disabled Students Unite for Justice

Thanks to decades of activism that reframed disability as an identity rather than an impediment, many students today embrace their disabilities. Now, they’re pushing the University and their peers to affirm their experiences and uplift their voices.

One Night at the SEC

I jumped at the idea of spending a night there — partly for the meme, partly for the lure of experiential reporting, and partly to feel more connected to the colossal construction I only ever visit for math class.