Hailey E. Krasnikov


Hailey E. Krasnikov

Hailey E. Krasnikov is an associate editor of Flyby Blog and a contributing writer for Arts. She is Diversity and Inclusivity Chair of the 151st Guard.

Editor Hailey E. Krasnikov can be reached at hailey.krasnikov@thecrimson.com.

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So you’re graduating, and you didn’t secure a six figure starting salary for your first job out of Harvard. Or maybe you want to ignore the reality of adulthood for the next few months. Here are Flyby’s suggestions for how to live your best life after graduation.

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Dear Class of 2028: Here's What Makes Harvard Unique

Hello, perspective prefrosh! First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you on stumbling upon the best piece of public service journalism you will find during your time as a Harvard student. But I’ll cut to the chase; here’s why you should attend this red-brick-road school that some call a “small liberal arts college outside of Boston,” instead of other colleges that are small OR liberal arts OR outside of Boston.

Dear Class of 2028: Don’t Be Fooled by Visitas

While Harvard arranged events with rose-colored glasses, the grass truly did seem to get greener for the weekend…and HUDS was slightly better than usual. Let’s talk about some realities of going here that will reveal themselves to you if you choose to drive into the Yard in August.