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Promotional Poster for the 95th Academy Awards

The Crimson Considers: The 2023 Oscar Nominees

The Crimson watched the announcement of the nominees on Jan. 24 with interest and hopes — some of which were met, and some of which were dashed.

Life of Pi Photo

‘Life of Pi’ Review: Crouching Tiger, Open Sea

The latest A.R.T. production is not among the greatest faith stories ever told, but its dramatic power saves it from tweeness.


‘Halloween Ends’ Review: Myers at Golgotha

“Ends” is the filmic analogue of a college student who is only amusing after two or three shots of liquor and is otherwise not only unamusing but barely tolerable. The “Halloween” films’ liquor is gore — stupid, stupid gore — and “Ends” is in bad need of more of it.

'Barbarian' Movie Poster

‘Barbarian’ Review: When Not in Rome

But what is important about Zach Cregger’s new feature is that it does not forget, in the meantime, to be scary. It is a bona fide horror film, which, in the contemporary landscape, makes it something of an oasis.

Spike Lee Still

Looking for Columbus Day Plans? See ‘Do the Right Thing’ at the Brattle.

If you’ve seen the film, there’s a good chance you’ll want to check it out again. If you haven’t, now’s your chance: Take it.