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Fall Trends I’ve Fallen Victim To

We’re all guilty of falling for the fall trends, and Flyby is bringing you a debrief of our favorites this year. Fall is a state of mind as much as it is a season, so let’s romanticize it and accept the autumnal glow-up with open arms.

Flyby’s Hierarchy of Yard Activities

Spring marks the time when we reclaim the Yard and relish the fresh air outside after being cooped up cramming studying hard. Here’s Flyby’s take on the common Yard activities, so you can gauge if your favorite outdoor pastime is Flyby-approved, of course.

How To: Multitask Like a True Academic Weapon

This guide to multitasking is perfect for working smarter and not harder and managing the crumpling weight of having five conflicting meetings, hundreds of pages of reading, and three papers due by 11:59 p.m..

Currier House

Welcome to Currier House! When you set foot in Currier, you’re definitely in for a tree-t. The amenities are endless, shared with housemates who feel like family. The Currier crew consists of forever friends, extraordinary faculty deans and tutors, dedicated dining hall staff members, and adorable furry friends. You could say Currier residents are one of a kind; those who enter Currier join the ranks of alumni like Bill Gates, Yo-Yo Ma ’76, Neil deGrasse Tyson ’80, and Michelle Wu ’07.

What to Do If You’re Single on Valentine's Day

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, a) you’re not alone, and b) you don’t have to feel alone, because Flyby is here with some handy tips for single people to survive Valentine’s Day, also known as Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.). There is no need to turn into the Grinch (Valentine’s Day Version) because love is all around, so here’s how to embrace self-love, friend love, family love, food love, pset love and so on.

5 Favorite Peet’s Drinks & What They Say About You

While America runs on Dunkin’, Harvard runs on Peet’s. You are what you drink, and sometimes, overhearing someone’s Peet’s order tells you all that you need to know about them. Everyone has a go-to drink, and here’s what some of them say about you. Take this with a grain of salt, or sugar. ;)