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Short Story

Once upon a time there was a seventeen-year-old little girl who lived in a palace. Her parents decided she was


A flock of women, not enjoying their husbands frequently, decide they must change the situation. Lysistrata tells them not to

Romeo and Juliet

At last we have Tammy Tell Me True on the mainstage. George Hamlin has transformed Romeo and Juliet into a

Little Malcolm, etc.

John Osborne's Look Back in Anger sent crowds of inspired Britishers to their typewriters. Osborne invented the Angry Young Man:

Carmen, Baby

Carmen, Baby, reputed successor to I, A Woman in the skin flick genre, aspires to higher things. It promises a

The Little Foxes

The Little Foxes is a play about money. Tough characters fight for it, weep about not having enough of it,

The McCarthy Campaign

Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy (D-Minn.) is running for President of the United States. Although no formal announcement was forthcoming, the

Our Mother's House

Eight out of every ten people who see My Mother's House will despise it. It's full of Bible blabbering, weeping,

The Bobo

The Bobo is another movie in which Peter Sellers' comic gifts lose out to Technicolor. A comedian is not an

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Having disposed of the black leather-jacket set in The Wild Angels and LSD( The Trip ), Roger" in The Wild

The Wild Angels, The Trip

The Wild Angels and The Trip are attracting hippies in droves. Unfortunately both movies are flops on the scale of

The Family Way

The Family Way is a tale about a couple of Cockney families whose psychological problems are solved in 105 laff-filled

The Dirty Dozen

The way to see if you're grown-up is to go to a war movie and see if you jump under

'My Sister, My Love'

My Sister, My Love is a not entirely sunny picture of life in medieval Sweden. Brothers seduce sisters; sisters marry

Look Back in Anger

Lowell House Drama Society is presenting an inhibited version of Look Back in Anger. It sputters like popcorn instead of