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Racism in Cambridge Discussed at Hearing

Victor A. Bolden, a second-year Harvard law student, was looking for an ice cream shop on Mass. Ave. with another

Special Hearing Planned For Testimony on Racism

The Cambridge Human Rights Commission will hold a public hearing on April 30 to acknowledge that racism exists in Cambridge

Women Leaders to Meet During Freshman Week

During the hectic bustle of Freshman Week next fall, about 30 female upperclassmen will create their own center of intense

Amnesty International Addresses Gorbachev

In what was apparently not an attempt to keep up with the recent postal price increase, a group of local

Committee Will Critique Ec 10

Students in Harvard's largest course. Social Analysis 10, will be able to critique the course and suggest changes, thanks to

Aide Lambasts Candidates

A former top government aide last night let loose her sarcastic wit on this year's crop of presidential candidates as