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The Wisdom That Is Woe... ...the Woe That Is Madness

"T HOSE WHO forget the past are condemned to repeat it." Of all possible thinkers, of all possible quotations, these

Profits and the Press

T HE SICKNESS OF SOCIETY can be measured by the corruption of its words. If what is written is commercially

A Bleeding Ulster

This is the second of a two-part series about the present troubles in Northern Ireland. Last week's section discussed the

Bleeding Ulster

Since the "troubles" first began in Northern Ireland eight years ago, the press has repeatedly reported that the "vast majority"

Group Hears Boycott Talk

"Intimidation, fear, rotten living conditions for generations--these are the reasons worker organization at J.P. Stevens has failed and the boycott

Merton Speech

Robert K. Merton, a Columbia University sociologist, last night addressed the annual meeting of the Society for Social Studies of

We're All Mad Here

T ALK ABOUT madmen is frustrating. An inquiry into madness is even more so: it is difficult to focus, and

Making It

To the socialite who remarks in public that you are "not to the manner born," only one response is dignified

Views, Reviews and Ruminations

F IFTEEN YEARS have seen John Updike create a woodlands mythology out of the manicured green of suburbia, an imitation

An Auto-Roman Policier

G EORGES SIMENON is the most prolific writer living, the famed mystery story-teller of over 400 novels and creator of